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Learning Space

Learning Space

Inside Play

Inside Play

Outside Play

Outside Play

Meals And Nutrition

At Dysart Nursery we believe the foundation for healthy eating begins by teaching children where food comes from and which foods are healthy and un-healthy.

Your child can take part in our own vegetable patch where they can plant seeds and watch them grow. Imagine their excitement when they come to ‘harvest’ their crop and take home their very own carrot which has been grown by them and then ‘hopefully’ eaten by them. We believe that this is without doubt the best way to encourage children to ‘eat their greens’.

We also have a number of miniature fruit trees in our garden – apples, pears and figs. The trees are ‘miniature’ so that children can reach the branches and (with adult supervision) eat the freshest fruit available!

Kindergarten Guide
Our Staff

Our staff are all carefully selected, fully qualified and receive ongoing training to ensure that they are constantly up to date with the latest legislation and childcare guidelines.

You will find that all members of staff have a genuine vocation in childcare and will build caring and friendly relationships with your child. They will also listen and respond to your child on an individual basis.

Keeping You Informed

We all know that as soon as you pick up your little one from Nursery or Pre-school you ask the question ‘what did you do today’ and the answer in many cases is ‘nothing’. This really wont be the case in reality they have probably been having so much fun they just want to go home and relax.

You can keep a track of all the things your child has been learning as we display lots of photographs and the children’s handy work for you to see.

We hold parents evenings three times a year and you often have days where you are invited to come and play alongside your child. Of course if you have anything you would like to know in between times you are always welcome to speak to a member of staff at any time.

You can also read a copy of our monthly newsletter which is displayed on the parents notice board along with other information about Nursery Life.

Lots To Do

We offer a wide variety of activities all of which are age and stage appropriate. From painting and shape sorting to gardening and reading we have lots to offer all ages.

Your child will get involved in all aspects of Nursery life and we will actively gain their views by asking them what they would like to create and what resources they would like to use. At the same time we will also support them in trying new activities to help develop their independence and decision making skills.

We also have a secure outdoor area which the children love playing in.

Everyone is cared for and valued

Your child will become an active learner and be encouraged in lots of different ways – one of our most popular activities is growing vegetables in the vegetable patch and exploring the soil to see what they can find.

Even young babies are made to feel valued for their communications, their babbles will be responded to just like you would at home.

All children are encouraged and taught to share the resources with their friends and also to show kindness to each other.

Lots Of People Visit

We have lots of people visit the Nursery to share their knowledge and help the children learn new things.

Some of the people to recently visit us have been local Lollipop people who have helped teach the children all about crossing the road safely.

We have also had local members of the National Health Service come in and talk to the children about the importance of taking care of their own hygiene. They showed them how to keep their hands clean by using special hand washing procedures.

About Our Nursery

Dysart Nursery first opened its door back in September 2002 based in the heart of Drayton.

We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built in the local Drayton area for providing high quality childcare and education and for being somewhere that a child enjoys being and settles quickly.

You will find we have all the facilities that you need for a Nursery including large bright play rooms where the children can enjoy role play, messy and creative activities as well as a secure outside area which is home to our vegetable patch and fruit trees which the children enjoy harvesting their own fruit and vegetables.

We also have a fully equipped kitchen for heating meals and storing packed lunches, a sleep room for those that need a nap.

Our aim is to actively promote your child’s welfare, learning and development. We do this by ensuring that all children are included in everything we do.

To ensure that your child has the best possible care and education all of our Nursery Staff all hold appropriate early years qualifications.

Based in the heart of Drayton we have close links with all of the local schools as well the Health Visiting Team and Portage. We all work together to improve the quality of early years education and support young children and their families in our local community.

You are welcome to visit the Nursery and see us in action please just use the ‘Contact Us’ page to get in touch for an appointment.

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